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Spring 17:13
Summer 20:58
Autumn 18:34
Winter 22:08


"Check Brian Eno. The rhythmic effects of out of phase loops: check Steve Reich. Seemingly endless tracks with almost unnoticeably changing orchestral loops? Check William Basinski." - ambientblog

"Luscious soundscapes and strings mixing together with electronic elements to make something astounding. Put simply – this is fantastic" - York Calling

Sitting, trying to study I looped a sample I had been working on in my DAW. This sample stayed playing for approximately 30 minutes - on repeat. I stumbled upon 'Moontides', named after the complicated interplay between moon and tides. Rhythmically massive, the relationship is nevertheless tangible and can be seen at work on any coastline.

In this work I have taken sounds and stretched and manipulated them, warping tempo and rhythmic structure. All of the samples start at the same time, but due to their differing lengths they never 'complete' together. Combined with volume automation this allows for a release of constraint. Take, for instance, traffic noises in the early morning mingling with the sound of birds outside your window. The two sounds merge, relate to one another. They are not pre-planned, but are rather rhythmically spontaneous - the rhythm emerging as it becomes. This symbiosis, this rhythmic chance, is allowed to develop in the repeated playing of samples.

There exists, nevertheless, a structure. The song 'wraps around' as a bar (or a complete rhythmic unit) as the piece finishes. Therefore, each element never sits parallel, but rather its position to other elements shifts continually. Frankenstein's monster, a complete butchery of beauty. Notes, preludes, sonatas and other flotsam and jetsam. It came out of an idea (an attempt) to do away with scales and notation and see what happened. All of the keys and scales are by ear, elements are pitched according to feeling, not rule. Tones clash, do battle and drift apart falling into harmony then dissaray.

Doing away with working within a Western theoretical understanding of music is not novel, and I do not pretend it is. This is purely a piece of pretentious imagination. However, the musical bastard - as I have so named this project - exists and is out here for your pleasure or pardon

- Jonah Hebron aka Mzungu


released September 4, 2018




mzungu York, UK

the beat-smith.
the sine-monger.

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